Attract Passive Income With Ease

An invite-only mastermind focused on the mindset to step into incredible passive income opportunities.

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Greater Prosperity Is Possible Now

You know that everything has already been created. You’ve used mindset practices to bring many of your desires into your reality. Now you’re ready to raise your financial awareness and create smart passive income streams as you step into even greater prosperity.

Collaborate With Other Mindset Masters

Together we study rich content and we hold collaborative discussions to raise our collective awareness.

Expand Your Money Mindset

Mastermind members and guest speakers with subject matter expertise will present their views, investment opportunities, and experiences with generating passive income.

Explore New Income Opportunities

Together we will learn about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other leading-edge investment opportunities such as trading Forex, staking, and mining.


 “You have to do it by yourself. And you can’t do it alone.”

- Martin Rutte

Rapid Prosperity Mastermind

Get the Edge You Need To Create Smart Passive Income

Weekly Mastermind Calls

  • 60-minute Zoom calls
  • Guest Expert Speakers
  • Hot Seat Coaching
  • Mindset learning review
  • Thinking Into Results content

Like-Minded Community

  • Connect and grow your network
  • Support and Accountability
  • Set goals and celebrate together
  • High Vibe and awareness mindset
  • In-person events and retreats

Topics Include

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Blockchain and Bitcoin

  • Trading: Forex & Crypto

  • Automations, staking, & more

  • Any viable passive income stream

Collaborate With Other Mindset Masters to

Step into Your Next Level of Prosperity

Peggy and Dan Hoover

A Re-introduction to Dan Hoover

While many of you know me as a certified Executive & Leadership Coach and deep in the world of personal development using Bob Proctor’s PGI framework, I’ve been on a mission of continued expansion both personally and in the area of investing.

First, let me say that I’m not a financial advisor, so you won’t get your tax questions answered in this group or by me. You also won’t get stock tips or investment recommendations…(I wouldn’t trust them if you did).

What you will get is a transparent conversation and introduction to everything I’m learning and experiencing (both good and bad) in this brave new world of investment opportunities including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain, the Metaverse, ForEx trading and so much more.

Together we’ll apply mindset and awareness principals to identify and evaluate leading edge investment opportunities and support each other’s continued personal growth and prosperity. 

Experience Your Quantum Breakthrough

The only thing worse than wishing your life were different is waiting for it to magically change.

Here’s how we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen:

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Join a community focused on
mindset and ready to create
new streams of income.

Connect With Other High Vibe Investors

Commit to weekly calls and come
ready to expand your mindset with
new investment opportunities.

Attract Next Level Financial Success

Practice awareness and apply the
right tools, strategy, and mindset
to reach your highest goals.

It’s time to get in the new game

“I began working with Dan and his Quantum Bridge program to achieve some big goals in my business and my personal life. The results were terrific and exceeded my expectations. Then he introduced me to a new passive income opportunity. WOW… I’ve earned over 40% on my investment in just 6 months. Now that’s what I call RESULTS!”

Ron Deabler

“As an active crypto investor, I am always looking for the next big opportunity. Dan introduced me to a few new passive income streams, and I immediately said, ‘I’m IN!’. Even more important, Dan taught me how to get energetically aligned with investment success. His mindset lessons are changing the game for me! I’ll never make another investment without aligning my energy to success first.”

Joni Vincent

“My initial 1:1 coaching with Dan was a huge success. He helped me attract the perfect position for my talents with a start-up company that is going to the moon! And I am using all I learned to energetically evaluate the perfect passive investments for me. I’m in crypto, NFTs, metaverse, and so much more with confidence that they all align with who I am and with my goals.”

Chris Adams

This Mastermind Is For You If

You’re ready to expand your prosperity mindset and want to:

Learn New Strategies

You want to shortcut your learning
curve to understand new investment
opportunities like Crypto, NFTs, and
Metaverse Landscape.

Connect with others

You’re looking to expand your
network of people who share
similar goals and mindsets so you
can grow together.

Create Smart Passive Income

You’ve got the willingness and
funds to step into new
opportunities as they are
presented to the group.

Apply mindset principles and attract passive income with more ease. 

Now is the time to focus on new methods to expand prosperity for ourselves and the members of our mastermind through mindset education, the latest passive income opportunities, and the sharing of member investment experiences.

Together we grow and expand our well-being.

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