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What is RPM?

RPM is a private group of committed mindset masters trained in the metaphysical laws that govern the universe. Members receive weekly opportunities for ongoing personal growth and expansion as we focus on the study of rich content and the creation of powerful passive income streams. Recent automation developments in cryptocurrency, trading, real estate, and other investments are providing new avenues for wealth generation as interesting alternatives to traditional strategies.

We understand that the combined intelligence of the mastermind creates a wisdom far beyond our own as we pursue prosperity for all.

What is in it for me?

RPM is a safe, exclusive place for you to tap into the wisdom of like-minded mindset masters as a source of inspiration, collaboration, and continued personal growth. Passive income opportunities will be examined as guest speakers and members share their experiences with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Staking, Farming, and Forex Trading to name a few. Some opportunities offer members the potential to earn over 10% ROI per month.

Members will also receive hotseat coaching, the opportunity to study Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results program, and the option to attend in-person retreats. Laser coaching calls with Dan Hoover may be requested.

Recordings of previous calls will be available to all members including pre-recorded passive income opportunity reviews.

Most of all you will learn how to expand your personal prosperity and help others to do the same!

What should I expect on RPM Calls?

Weekly 60-minute Zoom calls will follow a posted agenda that may include the study of rich mindset material, hot seat coaching, passive income opportunity reviews, and/or guest speakers with open discussions and masterminding.

Dan Hoover will establish the agenda each week, facilitate the calls, and each session will begin with a reading of mastermind principles and sharing of wins from members.

You may expect a high-vibration membership community that will raise your spirits, feed your soul, and expand your prosperity.

Why is RPM membership invitation-only? And how do I qualify?

We carefully select members to ensure the mastermind is filled with like-minded students of the laws of the universe. The basic understanding of the group is that prosperity comes to those that think, believe, and act in a certain way. Each member must have a basic understanding of metaphysical principles and concepts and how to apply them to their lives. These principles will be applied to the opportunities to prosper that are shared within RPM.

There are many ways you may qualify for RPM. Metaphysical coaches qualify. Graduates from certain programs of study qualify. Enrollment in select programs of study within Quantum Results qualify and receive the first month of RPM for free.

Schedule a call with Dan Hoover to see if you qualify and get your questions answered.

What is the investment for RPM? And how do I pay?

The monthly fee for RPM is $2,500 USD.

Your credit card will be charged on the 15th of each month.

You may also make a single payment of $12,000 for a 6-month membership charged to your credit card on the 15th of the month every six months.

Payments may also be made using PayPal, Venmo, or cryptocurrency.

You may cancel at any time with an email to [email protected].

The BIG BONUS: Thinking Into Results

Members will receive access to the Thinking Into Results program created by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. Each month we will facilitate a review of one of the 12 TIR lessons within RPM. This life-changing program has enhanced the prosperity of thousands of people across the globe. Many Proctor-Gallagher Institute certified coaches offer this program as their foundational course of study for $10,000 or more.

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  • If the Rapid Prosperity Mastermind feels right for you…
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  • If you are excited to learn about cryptocurrency, trading bots, NFTs, staking, high-yield funds, and other yet-to-be-identified wealth generation opportunities…

Then let’s talk about you and the Rapid Prosperity Mastermind.

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